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The puppy application process

Puppy enquiries are not first come first served.  Each application is assessed on its merits, and only approved homes are offered a puppy.  

If you're interested in a puppy from our upcoming litter, please join the Wajoma Australian Shepherd Facebook page where you can keep track of our latest news. ALL litters and available dogs/pups will be posted on that page.   

Please keep in mind, that these are living creatures not fashion accessories (Colour should not be a consideration when deciding on a suitable puppy) and a lot of time and consideration will go into picking the very best home for these babies.  All the effort is worth it, as the wajoma 'family' is a wonderful one, and each puppy has a terrific life. 

 Lifetime support is offered, and if, for ANY reason, you can't keep your puppy (I know life can throw curveballs that no one can anticipate) then the puppy will always return to me - no Wajoma puppy will ever see the inside of the RSPCA or any other commerical re-homing organisation.  



Supply Number - BIN0001898288337