Bred by Wajoma - Owned by Others

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Nothing makes me prouder, than sending good babies out into the world, and watching them win for their new owners, in whichever discipline they choose to compete.

The future of our breed is dependent on allowing good dogs to go into new homes. No breeder can keep everything, and in my opinion, restricting access to your lines only narrows the success of your own kennel in the long term. Yes, there is a considerable investment of time, money and heart in breeding a litter, and we all hope we keep the best for ourselves, but this doesn't mean that other pups in the litter don't deserve their chance to shine.

Below is a selection of good pups, who've left my home, and become much loved and valued members of other families.


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Wajoma My Kilty Pleasure (Fletcher)

Fletcher is owned by Charlotte of Charlotte Reeves Photography. Fletcher's main occupation is 'Super Model' which he's doing fantastically well.  He's also Charlotte's husband Marty's buddy - and helps to keep the house-hold testosterone levels balanced.  Fletcher has his own instragam account with his 'sister' Opal who is also a Wajoma Aussie. 



Wajoma Jewellyetta Vendetta (Opal)

I'm so proud of Opal.  She's a bundle of athletic energy who's always up for an adventure.  She's the Jnr model at Charlotte Reeves Photography, and from the looks of things might end up doing something other than just 'look pretty'.